Our Story

We believe community leadership starts in the business community. As each of us journeyed through life, we were encouraged by seasoned business leaders to integrate our faith into our work. In doing so, we have found a rich Christian life that we desire to be shared with others in Marietta so that they too can know the joy and fulfillment that comes from living an integrated faith-work life. A business community transformed to live for Christ will result in a community that has strong families, better economic opportunities, and vibrant neighborhoods.

During the months of developing a plan to act on our vision in early 2010, we were introduced to David Roth in Northwest Arkansas. With the support of the local business community (he lives in the heart of Wal-Mart and Tyson country), his organization, WorkMatters, was already doing many of the things that we had envisioned for Marietta. By asking David to help us bring the key ingredients of WorkMatters to Marietta, we were able to create some practical structure around our vision for Marietta.

With David Roth’s assistance, as well as the the help of many in the Atlanta area, we have brought a non-denominational, non-political, distinctly Christian, work-place focused WorkMatters to Marietta. Our passion is to help one another integrate our Sunday faith into our Monday through Friday world.

Who Participates

Anyone looking to integrate faith and work in their life. The target audience of WorkMatters is remarkably broad. We welcome the Christian, the Christ-seeking and the curious. We treasure the opportunity to demonstrate the relevance and effectiveness of Christian principles in the workplace, and we welcome to join us for an upcoming Speaker Series event. WorkMatters is equally valuable to the CEO, the mail clerk and the factory worker. It’s meaningful for the medical professional, the educator, the cashier and the telecommuter. It’s all about living the Christian life in the place where you spend most of your life – in the place where you work.

Our typical participant is the business person who may be searching for ways to strengthen his or her commitment to God from Monday to Friday. Our goal is to positively influence the work lives and personal lives of our participants and, as a result, to extend that influence to others.