2010-2011 Speaker Archive

Winter-Spring 2011 Speaker Series

April 15: Jeremie Kubicek

Jeremie Kubicek, President and CEO of GiANT Impact and Co-Founder of GiANT, has been serving leaders and growing companies for the past 18 years, both domestically and internationally. Kubicek’s passion for impacting leaders and influencing influencers has come from the experience of watching poor leaders conquer those they lead and stifle the growth of companies. Download and listen to Mr Kubicek’s talk at Marietta WorkMatters as he discusses the difference between impacting others and affecting others.

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March 18: Cindi Filer

Ms. Filer has been leading others to find what they love to do that they’re also really good at. In March of 2011, the Founder & President of Innovative Outsourcing shared her history and development as a leader as well as how she helps lead those around her. Her talk guides us through the process of determining our own “sweet spot” so that we are able to find the intersection of our Education & Experience, our God-given Strengths & Abilities, and our Passion & Bent. Download to listen for the first time or re-listen to a powerful talk that helps us bridge the gap between our faith and our work.

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February 18: Brandon Hutchins

Local business owner and founding team member for Marietta WorkMatters, Brandon Hutchins talked candidly about the changing dynamics over the past decade and how they impacted not only his business but also his leadership. Firmly rooted, he rode the turbulent times firmly secured in his faith. Download and share his authentic talk, “Leading Through Difficult Times,” in which Brandon gave four action steps to conquer perceived helplessness.

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January 21: David Roth

Marietta WorkMatters hosted David Roth from NorthWest Arkansas. After building a superlative resume in the business world, David shifted his focus to helping other business people find purpose and meaning in their work. He is currently the President of WorkMatters and leads this multifaceted organization in its efforts to provide encouragement, resources, and vision for Christians in the workplace. In David’s talk, he draws leadership principles from the familiar Biblical story of Daniel that apply directly to us as we integrate our faith and our work.

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Fall 2010 Speaker Series

December 10: Robin Burruss

As the President and CEO of Tip Top Poultry, Robin Burruss leads one of Marietta’s most well respected and long-standing businesses. However, his journey to this point has been less than usual. Download the audio and listen to Robin’s story that spans the 40 years he has been with the company. This authentic talk about his career challenges listeners to cut loose from the pursuit of success for success’s sake and work in a purposeful, Christ-honoring, and God-trusting manner.

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November 12: Dr. Jim Cole

Dr. Cole’s career has been influential as both the founding partner of Marietta Dental Associates and an active community leader. He is currently the lead Georgia consultant for Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions. He shared stories from his own life about how his faith helped him in “Serving Clients with Integrity”, and how this provided true reward for him in life.

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October 15: Brent Perkins

Brent Perkins is the Director of Personal Development for Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors, one of Atlanta’s leading commercial building firms. During this inaugural Marietta WorkMatters Speaker Series event, Brent challenged us to answer three questions for life: (1) Why am I here? (2) Who can I be honest with now? (3) Where am I going?

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*Due to technical issues during the meeting, static during playback can be heard which causes the sound quality of this recording to be poor.