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Nehemiah: A Leader and His Wall


Happy New Year-

For those that were not in attendance for our December speaker- you missed the announcement of an upcoming small group/Bible Study.

I will be hosting on Wednesdays at lunch time (11:30-1) a study on the book of Nehemiah. We will meet at my office, which is directly next door to Traton (732 Kennesaw Ave, suite 250). We will order pick-up or brown bag our lunches each week. We will get started on January 16th and go through May. Obviously, not everyone will make it every Wed- but most of us will and if we have over a dozen strongly committed people – it will be great.

I want to do this study because I wanted to get to know people at WorkMatters better than you’re able to once a month on a Friday morning. I am not a Sunday school teacher, nor do I know the Bible inside and out- but don’t worry we have a great study guide and I’m counting on myself and the other participants (you) to contribute to the study with insights as we study the book of Nehemiah.

You should consider signing up for this Bible study if you:
- are the least bit interested in getting to know and hang out with some new people
- have never really studied the Bible
- want to get your 2013 started off right
- have more knowledge and insight on Nehemiah than most and would share with others
- want a standing a Wednesday lunch appointment
- have enjoyed WorkMatters and want a little more of whatever it is you have enjoyed
Feel free to contact me with any questions or with interest in coming. Thanks. Jwills@broad-vu.com.

Happy New Year and let me know asap of your interest,

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