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Defining Ourselves in our Career


For years, I knew the best way to grow in my career was to learn and apply all that I could. I spent hours and hours reading the best business books, the Harvard Business Review, and biographies of business leaders. I knew the correct way to handle conflict, grow sales, build my personal brand, penetrate new markets, analyze results, and encourage the team. I read the wisdom of the age and knew that I could apply it well.

But I failed.

I failed because while I knew all the answers, my heart was ultimately motivated by an intensely self-centered drive. I wanted success. I wanted to find approval in my career. I wanted to establish my identity by what I was doing. I wanted nothing given to me because through my achievement and work ethic I would prove to the world that I was somebody.

1 Corinthians tells me “the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.”

Brokenness is required to find true, lasting identity. In brokenness, Jesus completed a life lived perfectly and died taking all my sins. He proved everything, overcoming the world and even death…all for me. In His brokenness, He created a way for me to be adopted and brought into the family of God, as a child of God, possessing a new identity. There is no need to prove myself at work-I am fully approved in Christ!

Business principles and books and worldly wisdom are good, but they don’t provide life or real success. They are foolish compared to the wisdom of God. We can be somebody through work, but it won’t last. Only in Christ will we find authentic identity.

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