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Upkins: A Common Thread Through Life


The founder of Leadship Sports and author of Treat Me Like a Customer, Louis Upkins, joined Marietta WorkMatters on January 20th. In his talk, he explained to local business leaders that principles they learn at work can (and should) be applied at home.

In life, work matters, but Jesus matters, Mr. Upkins said. He gave stories from his own life about how God has worked in his career and in his family when he has taken time to listen to what God is saying. Sometimes, we need to pause, he explained. In our busy-ness, it is difficult to slow down and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us. God wants us to be responsive to Him at work, at home, and in our community. He, through the Holy Spirit, is the common thread through our life.

Louis Upkins, Jr. is a proud husband and father. He is an entrepreneur having spent most of his career in branding and marketing. Committed to bringing ideas to life, Upkins has worked with some of the largest names in a variety of industries, across the board, from large sports and entertainment outlets and personalities to Fortune 500 companies and celebrities. Download his talk today to listen again or share it with a colleague.


Integrity: Dr. Henry Cloud


After hearing James Scott talk about applying his faith to his work over a 44-year career, we are challenged to think about whether we have integrity in our own character. Are we leaders who have traits of a person with integrity?

Dr. Henry Cloud gives six character traits that are important for integrity so that we can have true and lasting success in our business (and all of life):

  1. Maintain trust.
  2. Face reality.
  3. Perform well.
  4. Embrace problems.
  5. Be oriented towards growth.
  6. Be rooted in transcendent values (things are bigger than me).

Watch an interview with Dr. Cloud for more. http://ow.ly/831Jb

CW Matthews CFO James Scott Talks About Integrity


The CFO of C.W. Matthews, James Scott talked on December 16th about how he has integrated his faith into his work. In the current economic climate, business decisions are difficult. “The only way we can know what is right is to have a proper standard to base it on.” Mr. Scott found that scripture has been the foundation for his business career and he shared how he has applied Biblical principles to specific difficult situations.

Bernie Brown Speaks to 70 Local Leaders at WorkMatters


In his humble and effective way, Bernie talked about bridging the gap between his career path and his faith journey. This gentleman of a man led a transformation of a 700-employee local hospital to become a 15,000-employee, $1.5 billion dollar health care system.

Here are some highlights of Bernie’s talk:

  • Often, when we get to where we want to be (our goal), we discover it wasn’t what we thought it would be.
  • In order to yield, you must yield. In order to produce, you must surrender.
  • As Christians, we are supposed to be leaders and the most important leadership is to lead people to Jesus Christ.
Download Bernie’s talk now by clicking on this link.

Great First Speaker Series Talk


Approximately 100 local business leaders gathered this morning to hear construction executive Keith Johnson share how he has integrated his faith into his work, his family, and his community involvement. Keith challenged the audience to “do something about” the faith the know on Sunday by living it in a real way Monday-Friday. He has found that “God calls us to disciple others at work” and he gave some foundational principles that have helped him along his career journey.

Fall Speaker Series to Begin Sept 16

Marietta, Georgia, August 24, 2011— Business people from Cobb County and Northwest Metro Atlanta will gather once again this fall for the WorkMatters Speaker Series in Marietta. The monthly meetings will feature talks given by local business leaders who have integrated their faith into their work in an attempt to live a more meaningful career. Their leadership styles have reflected a continuing convergence of the different aspects of their lives. 
“Our mission is to bridge the gap between faith and work,” said Brad Respess, local business leader and volunteer with WorkMatters. “We have a schedule of respected and seasoned business leaders this fall. We look forward to learning from them how we can apply our faith to be more successful in our business lives.” The Speaker Series fall line-up is:
  • September 16: Keith Johnson, Regional Vice President of Brasfield & Gorrie
  • October 21: Tom Wilkes, Principal of Walton Communities
  • November 18: Bernie Brown, retired CEO of Wellstar Health Systems
  • December 16: James Scott, CFO of CW Matthews
The Speaker Series will be held monthly at the office of Traton Homes, 720 Kennesaw Avenue. Attendance is free but WorkMatters respectfully requests that those who plan to attend register online at mariettaworkmatters.org. Any questions can be e-mailed to leadership@mariettaworkmatters.org.

Registration is Live for 2011-12 First Speaker Series Event


Join us September 16 as local business leader Keith Johnson talks about how he has integrated his faith into his work. This father of five children and active leader in the community has been led by his faith in how he balances the big commitment of family and community with the requirements of leading a large commercial construction division that has steadily grown to be one of the largest in metro Atlanta. After 19 years, Keith has both learned and applied his Sunday faith to his Monday – Friday world to ensure he is making a lasting impact at work, in the community, and with his family. Register now for the first 2011-12 Marietta WorkMatters Speaker Series talk.

Marietta WorkMatters Twitter Feed is Live


Follow Marietta WorkMatters on Twitter. The feed will be used to talk about how business people are bridging the gap between their faith and their work. In addition, we will tweet happenings throughout the year to keep you informed of what’s ahead.

New Website is Live


Today our website finalized and went live with a major renovation thanks to Bradley Davis and Illuminate Media. Marietta WorkMatters will contribute regular blog postings, upload Speaker Series audio, and provide new ways for you to share the vision and actions of Marietta WorkMatters with your colleagues and business friends.

2011-12 Speaker Series Schedule


Traton Homes has graciously offered to host the Marietta WorkMatters Speaker Series for the upcoming year. Doors will open at 6:30 am for coffee, muffins, and networking prior to the start of each event at 7:00 am. Local business people are encouraged to not only join us but to also bring colleagues along with them. Registration for each event will be available on the Marietta WorkMatters website the four weeks prior to the date.

Speaker Series: 9/16, 10/21, 11/18, 12/16, 1/20, 2/17, 3/16, 4/20

September 16: Keith Johnson, Brasfield & Gorrie
October 21: Tom Wilkes, Walton Communities
November 18: Bernie Brown, Wellstar, retired
December 16: James Scott, CW Matthews
January 20: Louis Upkins, Leadership Sports
February 17: Ike Reighard, MUST Ministries and Piedmont Church
March 16: Randy Hicks, Georgia Family Council
April 20: to be determined

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