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2012 Chick-Fil-A Leadercast Photos


2012 Chick-Fil-A Leadercast presented by Marietta WorkMatters


On Friday, May 4, over 450 business leaders from the greater Atlanta area gathered at the Marietta Conference Center to participate in the 2012 Chick-Fil-A Leadercast presented by Marietta WorkMatters. The Chick-fil-A Leadercast offered a unique opportunity to hear from some of the top leadership and business thinkers in the world, including Andy Stanley, Tim Tebow, Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell, Marcus Buckingham. These thought leaders packed the day with great content, memorable experiences and an overwhelming amount of helpful information.

The theme of this years’ conference, “Choices”, inspired attendees to take a new look at the choices we make every day and to choose to look beyond yourself and toward others. Speakers challenged the audience with the thought that the choices we make will determine the leaders we will ultimately become.

The day could not have been possible without the best team of volunteers and generous local business sponsors. Beginning at 6:00 a.m., Marietta WorkMatters’ dedicated team of volunteers was working hard behind the scenes to bring local attendees the best possible program. Sponsors generously donated items for the resource bags and made it possible for Marietta WorkMatters to offer such a high caliber event at a reasonable price.

The 2012 Chick-Fil-A Leadercast presented by Marietta WorkMatters was a great success and  local leaders now have the 2013 date on their calendars: May 10, 2013.

Resource Bags Ready for the Leadercast


Over a dozen volunteers showed up Wednesday night to put together resource bags for Marietta WorkMatters’ presentation of the 2012 Chick-Fil-A Leadercast. Local business Glory Haus provided reusable (and stylish) bags for the give-aways, with gifts inside ranging from a Glory Haus magnet to a Fireside Natural Gas Sharpie pen to books from Walton Communities to gift cards from the Marietta Trade Center Chick-Fil-A.

Volunteers Put Finishing Touches on Leadercast


The Marietta WorkMatters 2012 Chick-Fil-A Leadercast volunteer team is putting its final touches on Friday’s event. Over 500 guests are expected for the all day leadership development event that will be presented locally at the Marietta Conference Center.

During the day, numerous prizes and give-aways will be given away including two Apple iPad 3′s that will be awarded in a random drawing. Each guest will be given a Glory Haus resource bag with a journal for the event, sponsor donated items, and a Fireside Natural Gas permanent marker to write their name on the special event name badges. The badges will be worn on a lanyard donated by Tip Top Poultry with a quote from its cherished former president, AL Burruss.

Volunteers for the event include: Nancy Hutchins, Misty Eldridge, Beth McGee, Ali Bonner, Austin Mann, Suzanne Schaefer, Laura Holder, John Wills, Chris Evans, Brandon Hutchins, Catherine Turner, Leslie Marler, Bryan Robinson, Britt Hennessey, Brad Respess, Scott Gregory, Don Hutchins, Reggie Abercrombie, Kimberly Galloway, Jean Hawkins, Jennifer Martin, Eric Cobbs, Denise Elrod, Phil Stroud, Jim Croft, Patricia Horton, Jeremy Tudor, and Denise O’Connell.



In Christian artist, Lecrae’s song, Chase That, he sings, “I was chasing my goals and every time I caught them they multiplied into more. I never even thought about whether the Lord approved. Call it selfish ambition I call it ‘making moves’”.

John 6:49-50:  “Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and they did. This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die.”

The manna was bread that God provided to His people for physical life. It was good. It was helpful. And it was needed to sustain them while they were in the desert. But that manna was kind of like the good that God provides us today in our careers. Our job, our career, the paycheck that we bring home, the success that our work-effort produces, the recognition for our quality, the growth of our revenue stream. All of these things are good things that God provides.

But, like the manna that God provided, these things can be consumed but they will not provide life. Life only comes from Jesus. If we turn our ambition off Jesus, off the the gospel, off who we are in Him, we too will die. Our souls will shrivel, our lives will be meaningless, and we will struggle to find true peace in life. All of meaning, life, and peace is found only in Jesus.

Lecrae continued by singing, “Instead of chasing the Father’s glory he was chasing his; he lies to us all, told Adam he could ball.”

Yes, I think I will find my value, my worth, and my fulfillment in my career. I may not say this, but when the income statement isn’t so rosy or a competitor takes a chunk of our business, a huge hole is found in my should and at that moment I realize that I made something besides God my idol. Sure, we all want success. But, the minute I think that success provides life, I begin to worship an idol and I set myself up for a lacking life. Success in my career will never fully satisfy me.

Micky Blackwell Talks on Servant Leadership


This morning at Traton Homes’ office in historic Marietta, Georgia, former Lockheed Executive Vice President, Micky Blackwell, gave an insightful talk on servant leadership to the final gathering of the Marietta WorkMatters Eight to Five Speaker Series for 2011-2012.

Micky Blackwell began in the aerospace industry immediately after college and worked for 40 years in that industry until his retirement in 2000. At the time of his retirement, the division employed 36,000 people and had sales of over $7 billion. Since his retirement from his “first career”, Mr. Blackwell has stayed engaged in public service, the banking industry, and finally as an author of the book, When Two or More are Gathered…in Prayer.

After suggesting that everyone is a leader, Mr. Blackwell posed the question: “It’s not, will you lead? It’s how will you lead.” He then contrasted between self-serving leaders and servant leaders.

Download Micky Blackwell’s talk and talking notes today by clicking this link to our Speaker Series section where one can download all of our previous speakers’ talks.

MDJ Business Section Features Leadercast


The Marietta Daily Journal, our  local newspaper, featured Marietta WorkMatters and our presentation of the Leadercast in its business section featured article on April 11, 2012. Click here to link to the full article.

Cobb Prayer Breakfast on the National Day of Prayer


On May 3, the 28th annual Cobb County Prayer Breakfast, featuring Stephen Kendrick, will be held at the Cobb Galleria Centre. The Annual Cobb County Prayer Breakfast provides an opportunity for local citizens from all walks of the community to assemble together for inspiration and fellowship through prayer.

Mr. Kendrick is an American film writer and producer of the Christian faith based films Courageous, Fireproof, and Facing the Giants, and is the co-writer of the NY Times Bestselling books The Love Dare and The Resolution for Men.

Stephen Kendrick is a native of Cobb County and grew up in Smyrna. He graduated from Cumberland Christian Academy and Kennesaw State University. He later became a youth minister at Roswell Street Baptist Church and is currently the Senior Associate Pastor of preaching and prayer at Sherwood Church in Albany, Georgia.

Mr. Kendrick will share how the power of prayer has become a pivotal part of the Kendrick brothers’ movies and how each of us can pray more strategically and effectively for our families and our communities.

Download a registration form here.

Check out their Facebook page here.

Seven Pillars of Faith at Work


Interest in the faith-at-work movement is at an all time high. More and more people are searching for how they can be the same person on Monday that they are on Sunday. Companies are beginning to ask not “if” and “when”, but “how” do they enable their employees to bring their belief system with them to work. And, many churches are beginning to hear the dull roar from their congregation that they need help in equipping their work lives just as they do their personal lives.

But, the questions most often asked are “How do I do it? Where do I start? What are the crucial areas to focus on?”

The Seven Pillars of Faith at Work is the product of many years of personal and corporate experience, listening to the workplace challenges hundreds of men and women, and deep prayer and Bible study.

Explore your work life in each of these seven strategic categories. Pray. Read the Bible. Learn how you can live these Pillars and share them with others at work. Leverage the Seven Pillars resources from WorkMatters. Use them to help you bridge the gap between your faith and your work!

  1. Relationship: abiding with God at work.
  2. Integrity: wisdom and courage to do what’s right, every time.
  3. Excellence: work with all your heart.
  4. Influence: intentional with the impact you have on others at work.
  5. Serve: lead strongly through serving others with humility.
  6. Calling: align gifts, skills and experience with your vocation.
  7. Balance: create sustainable work/life equilibrium.

Click to download the full document:  Seven Pillars of Faith at Work

Credit: WorkMatters.org

Reighard: Charisma, Character, and Competency


This morning at the beautiful offices of our gracious hosts, Traton Homes, Dr. Ike Reighard talked to a full crowd of Cobb County business leaders. After sharing about his experience leading Piedmont Church, Reighard praised the former President and CEO of MUST Ministries, John Moeller. His vision was good, the team he built was great, and his shoes are big to fill. “I’m standing on John’s shoulders,” said Dr. Reighard.

Reighard then shared some practical suggestions on integrating one’s faith into one’s work. “Your faith is who you are,” he reminded his listeners.

Christians should be the first ones there and the last ones to leave. The greatest organizations are those that serve the best. First, serve one another, Second, serve your customers. Third, serve your customers…Your culture will trump your vision statement every time.

In concluding, Dr. Reighard used three scriptural references to help provide the basis for Christians in the market place. Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that we were created by God for good works. Psalm 32:8 reminds us that God will guide us in our business endeavors. And Colossians 3:23-24 reminds us that we are to work with all of hearts for God, not for men.

Go to the Speaker Series page at mariettaworkmatters.org to download his talk.

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